For many, the concept of a social environment having an affect on someone’s development has been common knowledge for years. This is extremely valuable to realize when it comes to parenting. Not only does an environment affect how a child is raised, it also has an effect on how parent raises that child.

New studies have shown that socioeconomic status also has an effect on cognitive abilities and brain development during adolescence. One easy example to demonstrate this would be how bullying operates in a high school environment. You might have a student who can’t afford the latest fashion or trend, who then is separated out by those who can. In this kind of dynamic, there is a natural hierarchy that emerges. The one who can afford the name brand product is now much more socially acceptable than the one who can’t. This environment has been shown to affect the emotional development of the teenager. 

But, this is not just in a school setting. New studies have also shown that the childhood environment that the student is raised in will have a direct effect on their brain development, which is independent of any genetic factors. What this new research then shows us, is the importance of building a very positive and confidence-based family environment that gives the child the skills and tools to interact with their peers. We are at Next Breath Counseling specialize in helping you navigate see, sometimes confusing dynamics, and what it means to be a parent with a teenager.

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